Riza on October-22-13 10:12 PM

I had fun during the in-class lessons. I had a chance to participate in group activity. I would recommend more videos would be great.

Chris on October-27-13 8:36 PM

 Medi is a brilliant instructor,a great teacher.He has a lot of patience,is friendly and easy to communicate with. He will not hesitate to point out the mistakes that you will make and you will be able to correct them. He is honest,educated,profesional and trustworthy. I would recommend his course to any family or friends looking to prepare for their driving test.

Gowthamy on October-28-13 11:16 AM

 Medi is a very friendly and professional instructor who has the best intentions for his students to ensure that they are safe and successful drivers. Easily to get along with and will provide positive feedback and pointers to help correct any mistakes. I would highly recommend his lessons to any future students, family and friends who are in search of a trained and educated driving instructor.

Hoda on December-03-13 7:34 PM

 Safe Driving School has a great instructor & learning environment, helping students be less nervous & more enthusiastic about driving. Medi is a professional with a sense of humor, allowing students to feel comfortable whether they are in the car or in the classroom. He is dedicated about helping people be safe on the road, and I’m glad I attended Safe Driving School courses.

 Cristina on December-05-13 10:44 AM

I would highly recommend Medi and his school Safe Driving School to a new aspiring driver and also to those who just migrated but they are already experienced driver and wanted to get their Canadian licence. Medi’s way of teaching is simple and very straight forward. Medi is excellent,professional and very knowledgeable.Keep it up!!

Sidrah on December-05-13 11:46 AM

 Medi is an amazing driving instructor, he is a very professional teacher with a great sense of humor. I have always felt comfortable and confident driving with him. He’s great at assessing areas you need more practice in, and he focuses on helping you improve. He genuinely cares about safe driving and instructs his students to do as well. Thank you Medi for helping me pass both my G2 and G license in my first try, could not have done it without you. I definitely would recommend Safe Driving School and Medi to everyone.

Karine on December-20-13 8:51 PM

 I enjoyed my classes with Medi. He is very professional with A LOT OF PATIENCE! He did not make me feel uncomfortable or rushed. He also has a great sense of humour and never hesitated to point out my mistakes. He truly cares about his students and really focused on my improvement. I highly recommend Medi as a driving instructor!

Nadine on January-24-14 6:32 PM

 Safe driving is an amazing school. The in -class was very interactive and fun, yet also very informative. the instructor Medi is a very knowledgeable and patient man, who is an excellent teacher.

Ani on April-22-14 9:54 AM

Mehdi is a great instructor,very friendly with a lots of patience.I would recommend his course to any friends looking to prepare for their driving test,and I*m glad I attended Safe Driving School.Thank you,Mehdi!

Maria on July-07-14 6:39 PM

 Media is an excellent and passionate driving instructor. Medi is patient, friendly, kind,and has good attention to details. Medi is calm and always give good tips for safe driving. Medi encourages and motivates students especially new drivers to have confidence behind the wheel. I would definitely recommend medi if you want to pass your g2 or g license.

Bibi Ratansi on August-13-14 9:14 PM

 Hi Medi, Just want to say thank you for your patience and encouragement and of course your great sense of humor. I am very glad I have attending Safe Driving School. C u soon!

Azi on October-19-14 9:10 AM

 The in car lessons were very good. If you guys can have more videos for in class sessions the would be better.

Tamara on October-26-14 11:27 AM

  I liked his behavior. He is so calm. He never push you to do your test if you are not ready. Driving with him was fun. I so recommend him to my friends

Angelica M on November-03-14 6:23 PM

 I just wanted to thank you Medi. You helped me to regain my confidence and overcome to my fear since i had my crash in Highway. I passed my G test today. and i wish you the best.

Ryan H on December-15-14 4:33 PM

  Medi and Safe Driving School was a great driving and learning experience. Medi’s social aspect, driving feedback and techniques benefit my learning experience very quickly and helped me gain the confidence to drive. I just wanna say thanks for the support and motivation, it was fun and I hope for the best Medi!

Diana on January-12-15 3:19 PM

 I had a great experience with Medi as my instructor, having taken G2 and G lessons with him. He is so patient and friendly, and is extensively knowledgeable in his field. Medi never hesitates to point out your mistakes and tips to improve, and does it in a very calm manner. I will certainly recommend Safe Driving to all my family and friends!
Sheryl on February-06-15 5:13 AM
 I would like to extend my big THANK YOU to Medi for being such a patient, very professional and friendly instructor. I never had any experience in driving but because of his patience and utmost concern in teaching me keys and points in driving, I passed my G2 licence on my first try. He points out your weakness and gives you ways to make it better. He is also makes sure to pick you up on time and he’s never late. He is an excellent driving instructor and I will highly recommend him. God bless you Medi and keep the business rolling!

Tara Groat on March-29-15 12:53 PM

Medi is such an amazing driving instructor! Before I had my lessons with him, I was a very nervous driver. However once I started taking lessons with Medi, he made me feel a lot more relaxed. I passed both my G2 and G on my first try. Anytime I hear anybody talking about learning to drive I make sure to recommend Medi.
First Name: Carolina
Last Name: Sison
Rating: 5 Stars
Feedback: I’ve been with a lot of different instructors in the past. I was glad I found the Safedriving school through my friend and met Mehdi who not only teach you how to drive but teach you basic techniques in overcoming fear and safety in driving. I salute Mehdi for being a good instructor and very dedicated to his job. I highly recommend him.

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